Cleveland State University to Cuyahoga Community College Metro Campus


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The segment will connect the Central neighborhood  and the Campus District and the rest of Downtown Cleveland.  The route also creates a connection between the campuses of Cleveland State University and Cuyahoga Community College and facilitates the movement of workers employed in the nearby hospitals and office on East 22nd St. into Downtown Cleveland.

The Streetcar  bridges the divide that Interstate 90 created in the 1960s.  The intersection of East 30th and Community college, could provide and opportunity for placemaking that the neighborhood would benefit from.

Estimated Travel Times


Cuyahoga Community College Metro to West Side Market (3.8 mile)   15-22 Minutes.

Cuyahoga Community College Metro to Public Square  (2 miles) 10-13 Minutes.



  • Cuyahoga Community College Metro Campus
  • St. Vincent Charity Medical Center
  • Stephanie Tubbs Jones Transit Center
  • Wolstein Center
  • Cleveland State University
  • Playhouse Square
  • Cuyahoga County Administration Center
  • East 4th St.
  • Public Square
  • Tower City
  • Warehouse District
  • Lutheran Hospital
  • West Side Market


Estimated Costs

Tri-C to East Side Transit Center segment cost: 37.3 million

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