Broadway Streetcar: Tri-C Metro Campus to Harvard Ave.

phase V- broadway

Transit mode:Enhanced Local Service

the Broadway corridor between Harvard and Ontario has the highest bus densities than any other  corridor in the city.  Buses pass East 9th and Prospect At a rate of at least 38 buses per hour, this creates a choke point where the frequency of buses is slowing transit down on this corridor.

Our solution is to Replace the 38 buses per hour with 10 high capacity Streetcars per hour providing 10 minute peak frequency, and simpler and easier to understand system where 2 simple routes would replace the chaos of 8 routes, and reduce operating costs.

Streetcar service with signal-preemption, Proof-of-payment, and all-door boarding would decrease Travel times while providing direct service to Cleveland State University and other areas of Downtown Cleveland.

The Broadway corridor is a corridor with strong potential for redevelopment around a high quality transit service like a Modern Streetcar.

Estimated Travel Times

Harvard ave. to Tri-C Metro Campus 10-15 Minutes.

Harvard ave. to Cleveland State University 15-19 Minutes.

Harvard Ave. to Tower City 21-24 Minutes


  • Harvard Transit Center
  • Third Federal Savings
  • Cleveland Central Catholic
  • Morgana Run Development
  • Slavic VillageMain Post Office
  • Stephanie Tubbs Jones Transit Center
  • Wolstein Center
  • Cleveland State University
  • Playhouse Square
  • Cuyahoga County Administration Center
  • East 4th St
  • Public Square
  • Gateway District
  • Tower City
  • Warehouse District
  • Justice Center
  • Medical Mart Convention Center
  • Galleria
  • Avenue district
  • The Historic Greyhound Bus Terminal


Estimated Costs

Harvard Ave. to Tri-C Metro Segment: $126.4 million

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