Make sure the Broadway is ready for streetcars


ODOT and the City of Cleveland, as part of the Innerbelt project are replacing the Broadway Bridge over I-77. We have the opportunity to make sure this new bridge is built to accommodate a future Broadway Streetcar.


This is important because if this bridge isn’t rebuilt to accommodate future streetcars we may have to rebuild the bridge again for the streetcar. The alternatives to this could be:

  • Build a new Light-Rail only bridge adjacent to the new bridge which may require land acquisition
  • Rebuild the bridge deck
  • Rebuild the entire bridge.

This is a lose-lose situation for the neighborhood and for people who want to bring a streetcar to Slavic Village and to Cleveland’s East Side.

The Smart alternative

The example we should be following Cincinnati when it rebuilt it’s bridges over I-71 in 2001 they designed those bridges¬† to be compatible with future light Rail, which is now under construction and due to open in 2016. This can only be done early in the design process which is right now.

  • Would like ODOT to specify that the new Broadway Bridge over I-77 can accommodate a light rail vehicle in two 2 lanes on the new bridge.
  • Design the bridge with a 12in thick bridge deck in the lanes where the streetcar will run. This allows 6-inches of that deck can be removed and replaced with embedded Rail.
  • Bridge Capable of supporting ¬†the nominal Axle load of a Light Rail vehicle and its track Slab.

The project is currently scheduled to be under construction in 2016, but the planning and design is underway today this is the time make your voices heard before its too late.


Contact Nancy Lyon-Stadler of Michael Baker Jr. Inc.

Re: The Reconstruction of Broadway Bridge over I-77

Tell her you want provisions made for Streetcars on the new bridge.


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