Detroit Streetcar: West 25th to Highland Square

Detroit Streetcar

Transit mode:Enhanced Local Service

This segment would connect the neighborhoods of  Cudell, Edgewater, Detroit-Shoreway and Ohio city to Downtown Cleveland where over 30% of the workers in those neighborhoods work.

The Detroit corridor between Highland/West Blvd Station and Downtown is a corridor with strong potential for redevelopment around high quality transit service like a Modern Streetcar.

Streetcar service with signal-preemption, proof-of-payment, and all-door boarding would decrease travel times while providing direct service to Cleveland State University and other areas of Downtown Cleveland.


  • Wolstein Center
  • Cleveland State University
  • Justice Center
  • Medical Mart/Convention Center
  • Galleria
  • Avenue District
  • The Historic Greyhound Bus Terminal
  • Wolstein Center
  • Cleveland State University
  • Playhouse Square
  • Cuyahoga County Administration Center
  • East 4th St.
  • Public Square
  • Tower City
  • Warehouse District
  • Gordon Square Arts District
  • Cudell Recreation center


Estimated Costs

West 25th to Highland Square: $116 million.

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